We help schools build student-centered makerspaces and project-based, STE(A)M-focused, literacy experiences so that ALL students can become success stories.   


Our Beginning

Lower Bay Learner's Guild started in a Brooklyn classroom when Chris O'Brien needed to cover up an old blackboard. Instead of simply smothering it with inspirational posters, O'Brien decided to turn the aging chalkboard into an interactive timeline depicting American history. Over the course of the year, O'Brien found that his students involvement in the project allowed them to become stronger readers, writers, and critical thinkers while becoming autonomous in their research and learning of the content. 


“Project-based learning and Common Core instruction can exist happily in the same room.”

— Chris O'Brien, FOUNDER


After having the Lower Bay destroy his Staten Island home during Hurricane Sandy, O'Brien decided to focus all of his energy on developing project-based learning programs that connected student's coursework with real-world projects. Since then, Lower Bay Learner's Guild has worked with dozens of New York City elementary and middle schools in order to help bring project-based programs into the hands and minds of thousands of future leaders. 



Some of Our Projects


All of our projects are developed based on the needs of the schools, teachers, and students we work with. Whether we are helping elementary schools prototype toys, middle school students record hip-hop based on critical issues, or building standards-aligned board games based on history, our top priority is using project-based learning in order to make students stronger readers, writers, and critical thinkers. 

Let's Make Something Together

We are always looking to build new stuff with visionary leaders, inspiring teachers, and excited students. 

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