A+ League: A Common Core Aligned Fantasy Basketball Course

We are really proud of our A+ League, which we are currently running with the excellent basketball non-profit New Horizons, A & B Training and NYC DOE school I.S. 51 in Staten Island, New York. 

At its heart, the A+ League is a writing and math program that uses the principles of gamification in order to allow student participants to explore what it takes to run the "back-court" of a basketball franchise. Based on fantasy basketball, students parse data like statisticians, read and write about the life of NBA managers, public relations experts, marketing gurus who make the players on the court shine. Along the way, student groups manage their own teams and explore alternate basketball-related careers including law, business, physiology, and data analysis. Read more about this excellent  initiative HERE. 

Participating schools, teams and districts receive teacher training, student workbook, and lesson plans.