Step 1: Research Social Structure of Ancient China

Hello Group 3! You've done a great job so far building your game boards.  Now let's jump into studying the social structure of Ancient China in order to make some super cool playing cards. 


 Directions: In Ancient China we had 6 distinct classes of people. As a team, decide who will be responsible for researching and writing about each group. Use these links to do your research and write down important facts about each group in your notebook:

Emperor | Nobles | Peasants | Artisans | Merchants | Slaves

You can use this link, this link, and this link to help you in your research. 


STEP 2: Group Writing Responses 

Directions: Using only one computer, have each student write AT LEAST two sentences about the group(s) they researched in the form below. Remember, you will not be able to submit this form if anything is left blank.